My variable Upper & Outer

with Coghlan´s Laundry reel

working from 40m to 10m without ATU

On most SOTA-activations, i´m using a portable antenna called upper and outer, described from W9SCH and with fine illustration by DL2LTO. My problem was, each band uses other length of wire, you see this on Uli´s Homepage. Now, month ago i saw the new announcement of an CrankIR from SteppIR and an interesting antenna of My creative brain combined both models to one Antenna i´m using now since several month. I organised two coghlan loundry reel, removed the cord and mounted about 10m (33ft) of copper litz (bare)on each reel. I mounted both reel on an holder who i put on my Fisching-pole and both litz are routed through brass tubes which are connected to the BNC-connector. For each band, i adjusted the length of each litz and marked it with thrink tubing i mounted before installation. So now, i can adjust the antenna for each band without wire changeover, only by tuning the length of the litz by redirection with an cord (black on my pdf). You could find my drawing here. A german presentation also in this pdf
Here some pictures of my construction
bottom view top view gesamte Route gesamte Route gesamte Route gesamte Route gesamte Route gesamte Route
mountingplate bottom-view mountingplate top-view mountingplate mounted bottom-view mountingplate mounted top-view mountingplate top-view pole top my pdf, see text Picture of DL2LTO (Uli)
©Peter Altschul, Wängi

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